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The Apotheosis of Bespoke Couture


For Joe Allen, the creation of your garment is based on the idea of excellence as a starting point. Using our trusted ‘Cas di Moda’ approach, we incorporate pure design, choosing just the right fabric, utilising a detailed measurement process & then the construction of your finely tuned garment can begin.


With our ‘Cas di Mood’ in house style, this conceptual design process & eye for brilliance when choosing the fabric is central to ensuring your garment is second to none in look, feel & construction.


However, for a classic suit the measurement specifications are favoured over the conceptual process.


After careful fabric and design matching; we present you the client selected options from  a vast range of over 10,000 fabric swatches; so the process of paper pattern cutting begins.


Apotheosising Bespoke and Couture mandates we craft the piece in harmony with you the client, ensuring precision fitting and design to be finalised upon the first fitting.


Dependent on the timeframe for completion, calico may be omitted in favour of direct fabrication.


Our traditionally held view is doing this is often “risky” especially for a highly conceptual design. Chosen cloth is directly cut in most other circumstances, leaving extra cloth in the inlays should a client’s weight ever change.


After cloth shaping, forming the piece’s final foundations, assembly of suggested auxiliary features (wool canvases, linen, linings) according to the piece at hand; forming the finished Joe Allen piece.


By the first fitting whether calico or chosen cloth a full inspection is carried out to perfect any imperfections and assure the future alterability of the piece.




Meaning: Model of excellence or perfection of a kind; one having no equal


‘Cas di Moda’

Meaning: In House Style (which is our unique & time honoured method of creation where only essential components of a process are considered & only the finest of materials are utilised in the final Joe Allen product).


"Exceptional tailoring and brilliant staff who go above and beyond. Cannot recommend highly enough. I won't use anywhere else."

- Fiona Dewar *****

"Visiting Joe is a sheer pleasure that continues long after the event - every day when I put my coat on! His work is exquisite..."

-Bethia Beadman *****

"Joe is a lifesaver. My fiance's wedding dress, which should have been made to measure, was two sizes too big and looked like it came straight off the rack. After two other seamstress's said there was nothing that could be done to have it look as it was designed and panic started to set in, the boutique finally called Joe Allen who identified everything that needed fixing and said he could have it done within the week. True to his word, he deconstructed and rebuilt the entire dress and it came out looking fantastic and right on time. My fiance could not be happier with the result. Next time we will start with Joe first for all our tailoring needs."

-Kim Klotz *****