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History of Joe Allen


Joe Allen is the quintessential tailor for the 21st century. He blends old world dedication with new world techniques to create garments that last, look amazing & are held together by a no-nonsense approach to crafting attire for the discerning customer.


Joe Allen’s innovative creations have graced the covers of Elle Magazine, been worn by members of Royalty, added to the permanent collection at the V&A museum, worn by Annie Lennox, Michael Hutchins of Inxs, Dave Stewart & leaders of industry to name a few.

Joe’s rise to become a master tailor had the humblest beginnings on the Caribbean island of Curaçao (pronounced Koo-Rah-Sow), where his grandmother taught him tailoring techniques which date back to the late 1800’s. His grandmother’s creative maturation was born out of the business of constructing garments for the islands nobility & these lessons inspired  Joe to want to create more than just menswear, but to curate clothing which is moulded to the customer with not just precision, but love, attention to detail & a modern sense of daring.


Joe Allen’s wares are some of the most innovative, emotive & carefully constructed items in fashion. This level of style & solid construction has led to his work being called ‘the Real Mckoy’ by friends & fans alike.


So how did he go from humble tailors assistant to master tailor? It took many years of apprenticeship, formal education (Joe is a graduate of the London School of Fashion), many creative explorations as a freelance designer & collaborative projects with his brothers & being commissioned by a great number of fashion houses to construct unique pieces. All of which inevitably led Joe to open his own boutique at Cross Street in the heart of Islington in 1975.


Since then Joe Allen Bespoke & Couture has been servicing a variety of clients across the globe & the steady flow of artisans, members of royalty, leaders in various industries have all helped Joe Allen to create works which retain much of his sense of fun & of humour & of daring & inventiveness yet retain some of the more formal types of mens & women wear favoured by clients with exceptionally good taste. 

Joe is continuously challenging his outlook when creating clothes for the man of today & the woman of tomorrow.  After many years on the leading edge of menswear & womenswear, Joe Allen has earned the title ‘master Tailor’ many times over.